Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How to manage Git or Mercurial repositories

Managing version control repositories can be a challenge in multi-user environment especially when simplification of user collaboration is your goal. There are usually two primary concerns while considering enterprise deployment for version control repositories: access control and safety of your data. Both are not directly addressed by version control itself, thus a sort of security facade is necessary.

The online source control repositories offer you user management, backups, etc. However, how much freedom do you have in this case? It is not just about a version control repository that is underneath, it is also about collaboration and a time spent to get all that infrastructure finally up and running per your needs.

This is where RhodeCode software comes to scene. It has support for Git and Mercurial repositories. The team productivity include: code review, side-by-side diffs, code approval, gist snippets, online editor, change log, full text search, newsfeed, notification, etc. The enterprise users will take a benefit out from well designed API and advanced security management.

You can choose between:
  1. Managed environment in Germany
  2. Install directly to your very own hardware (free plan)
Check out video tutorials to get a better idea... and yes, before you ask: they are going to add issues tracking and continuous integration. Sounds promising.

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