Thursday, December 22, 2011

How to Convert FLAC+CUE to MP3

Converting flac to mp3 package pre-requirements are the same as published in previous post (How to Convert APE+CUE to MP3). So I will add what is necessary. You will need flac package.
apt-get -y install flac
Here is a script that does the rest (file

# Convert FLAC to MP3 VBR
flac -cd CDImage.flac | lame -h - -v \
    --preset cd CDImage.mp3

# Split file
mp3splt -a -d mp3 -c CDImage.flac.cue -o \
    @a/@b/@n-@a-@t CDImage.mp3
rm CDImage.mp3
Drop that file into a directory that has two files input CDImage.flac and CDImage.flac.cue. Run the script and in few minutes you will get a mp3 directory with your mp3 tracks.

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